Introducing our Gallery Panel Art

Say hello to our new beautiful Gallery Panel Art! Our high quality wood panels are made from premium birchwood and feature UV printed art from some of our favourite artists. This gives each piece a unique texture and depth! Available in multiple sizes and designs, these panels make a stunning addition to your
Stay tuned for more designs coming soon!

We’re obsessed with our landscape collection and the detail that is able to be captured. Each of our panels are unique as wood grain varies. Our natural wood finish provides an organic look allowing more characteristics of the wood to show through. We also offer a white base coat option. This creates an even blank slate for your design to be printed on and allows it to be more crisp and vibrant! We love how our Venetian Watercolour in the colour Blush and our Pierre-Joseph Redoute Gallery Art Panel help to tie this room in together form a cohesive style. 

We love sustainable products. Take a closer look at our birchwood panels. Sourced and made in Canada, our panels have a solid pine wood frame and won’t warp, making them more durable than canvas. Most importantly our birchwood is sourced from ecologically fast growing forests! Our Watercolour Spring Wallpaper and the Daniel Ridgway Knight Art Panel pair perfectly to create a stunning garden style theme. 


Our wallpaper + Gallery Panel Art = a match made in heaven. Our Gallery Panel Art is a great way to spruce up your space and compliment your wallpaper. Mix and match our wallpaper and Art Panels to create interesting and captivating spaces, like shown here with our Sage Flying Birds Wallpaper and our Daffodil Bouquet Art Panel.


Here is some mood board inspiration. We would love to see how you style our Gallery Panel Art. Tag us on Instagram @timberleainteriors for a chance to be featured!