Custom Order for Andressa

$672.00 CAD

Custom Order for Andressa


Size: 7 rolls at 96" length

Material: Traditional Unpasted

Colour: Original with navy blue added (custom work)

Shipping: Free


Many colors are available! Please see the color chart in product photos for color options! To indicate your color preference, please leave a note at checkout!

*Colors may vary slightly due to the screen settings on your device.

Details for Vinyl Wallpapers

- 26" Wide

- 26", 53" repeats

- Match Straight Across

- Removable Vinyl

- Washable

- Green Guard Certified Inks

Details For Traditional Wallpapers

- 24" Wide

- 24" Repeats

- Match Straight Across

- Pre-Pasted Coated Paper

- Washable, Anti Mildew

- Green Guard Certified 


The options in the drop down menu are for the different length options
Custom roll lengths and widths are available. Costs are calculated on a case to case basis! Roll widths up to 53 inches can be accommodated for the vinyl wallpapers and 40" wide can be accommodated for the Traditional wallpaper. Ask us if you have any questions about custom prints.


The product is not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, textured or heavy painted spackled wall board, MDF or Porous surfaces.
- Installation results will vary on Teflon, acrylic gloss, stucco and eggshell painted surfaces.

Please ensure to place wallpaper on a properly cured and painted surface. Please check your paint for accurate cure times specific to your paint. This is the layer that protects your wall from damage upon removal.


Please ensure to order enough for your entire wall and extra if wanted. As per printing industry standards, we cannot guarantee a perfect color match if items are printed in different batches. This is due to dyelots. Read more about dyelots here: https://www.wallpaperboulevard.com/blog/wallpaper-dye-lots-runs-and-batches-why-do-they-matter-41.aspx
We are not responsible for color matching different print batches. 

Need help estimating how much wallpaper you need? Visit our Wallpaper Calculator Page


Instruction Page: HERE

Data Sheet and Fire Ratings for both Vinyl Wallpaper Products: HERE


Hi there!
Looking to customize your wallpaper, but don't know where to start? We can definitely help with that! Please read this page to understand how our colour customizations and murals work!
You can request a custom order at the bottom of this page!
Please let us know the design and material you want, as well as the dimensions of your wall and we can absolutely help you plan for your space! 

What type of walls are compatible with your wallpapers?

Our peel + stick wallpaper works best on smooth and flat surfaces (to get a true bond)! To ensure no damage to your drywall we recommend to have your wall properly painted and cured for the recommend time your paint suggests. The paint is the layer of protection your wall needs from the adhesive! 

How do I order in a different colour?

To order in a different colour, please indicate your colour choice at checkout!

If you are ordering samples and have multiple listings, please include a link alongside your colour choice! 

How do I know how much to order? 

We have a wallpaper calculator page to help you determine how much to order! Please see Wallpaper Caculator

If your are still stumped, feel free to contact us with your dimensions here Custom Order Request

Will the paint colour underneath show through?

Our peel + stick wallpaper is 100% opaque. It's thick enough where you won't see the colours show through! 

Common Applications

Wall Murals, Wall Covering, Removable Wallpaper, POP/ Trade show, Outdoor Signage, Floor Graphics

Standard Option

For applications requiring removable adhesive performance
Consistent printability
Easy to handle liner
matte finish

3.4 mil

Premium Option

100% opacity, completely covers whatever is underneath ●
Matte Finish
Great image clarity and color pop ●
Dimensionally stable liner for easy converting 
MPI 2611 meets the requirements of IMO FTP Code Part 2 & 5 for all material categories

6 mil

Return Policy 


All sales are final

No cancellations 

Please contact us if there were any issues with your order! Thank you so much for your understanding! 

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